8 N. Clarendon
Avondale Estates, GA 30002
"Beautiful pianos of excellent quality.
My work and my pianos are fully guaranteed."
"I emphasize careful, historically correct methods in rebuilding & restoration."

Services and Specialties

In your home: tuning, voicing, regulation, minor repairs, prepurchase inspection, appraisals, and clean-ups.

In the shop: refinishing, mechanical action repair and/or rebuilding, restringing, regulation, and whatever is necessary.

We Buy & Sell/



Appraisal / evaluation / prepurchase inspection. (The cost of acquiring even a “free” piano can be very expensive, so always have a piano technician/tuner check it out before you bring it home.)

Please call for a free telephone consultation and/or set up a repair estimate. 770-938-1056

Basic Rates: Local tuning: $110. Small repairs are often included in the price of tuning. Prepurchase inspection: $60 Appraisal: $60 Please call for details, firm prices, and to set up an appointment. 770-938-1056

Our pianos

Ricks Pianos stocks a variety of useful pianos at fair prices, both high-end and inexpensive. Any piano sold from the shop, regardless of price, is fully warranted. We will sell you a piano that will hold up. Don’t waste your money on a new import; we can fix you up with a used piano at a fraction of the price. Good values and expert service always.